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How has New Orleans fared in the decade since the levee breaks in the wake of Hurricane Katrina? Trying to answer the question, we listen back to the music and musicians who helped the city’s culture to stay afloat, including Allen Toussaint and Irma Thomas. Also scenes from the Superdome roof, where workers repaired of a 9.7 acre hole, and Cajun musicians Michael and David Doucet on a 100 years of hurricanes. Finally humorist Harry Shearer and Creole bandleader Deacon John talk today about their hopes for New Orleans’ tomorrow, as the landscape of culture and economy changes.


Do the words make the song or the notes? What does it take to tell a good tale in music or about music? We put those questions to a few writers of both songs and stories. Singer-songwriter and memoirist Rosanne Cash sits down before a live audience to tell us about her authorial journey, then we chat with novelist Cyril Vetter on translating a musician’s life into fiction. And New Orleans bluesman Little Freddie King spins a few tall tales from the juke joint.


A visit with two native sons of the Texas Gulf Coast. Guitar slinger Johnny Winter grew up listening to the blues in Beaumont, Texas and took his talent for playing to the world. We talk with Winter about his Texas youth and his blues milestones. Jazz pianist Jason Moran started out in Houston playing classical music, but found his way to jazz through Thelonious Monk. We’ll learn more about his adventures in the NYC jazz scene.


We’ll remember the late singer-songwriter Jesse Winchester, through his music and his own words. Then a visit to Rugby, VA for a close listen into sustainable guitars and ukuleles, made by Jayne and Wayne Henderson, of Henderson Guitars.